Tripoli Central Virginia
Celebrating 25 Years   1989 - 2014

Launch in T-minus

Launch Status is  Go 

November 1 & 2 is still TENTATIVE!

NEW 2014 - 2015 Schedule is out!

The launch schedule is out for the fall of 2014 and spring of 2015. The dates are still tentative and can still be adjusted. There has not been a determination on which days will be research launches and which will be commercial launches. We try to alternate Sat. & Sun. each month to accommodate the TARC teams and student teams that are under 18 but need to use the rails at the HPR pads.

The Battle is Over!

Friday's launch went well. We started with a low ceiling, but it burned off late in the afternoon. We had quite a few certifications flights.

The Battle went great! A great time was had by all!

Sunday turned into one of the best launch days in years! There was no wind above 500 ft and only 3 or 4 mph on the ground. There was an M, several L, three or more K motors, as well as many J and smaller motors flown. One flight popped the main at over 6,400 ft and still landed less then 900 ft from the pad. It was a day to remember!

Launch and Club Fees

Changes to the launch fee structure and rules were approved at the August club meeting. The changes are as follows:

  • All adults must be club members to launch.
  • Annual club membership for 2014 is $25 for single and $40 for family
  • Launch fee is $10 per weekend. Sat. only, Sun. only, both days, it's all $10
  • Save $20   Combined annual membership and launch fee special - Single $75, (Family, $40 + $50 per adult.) This covers 2014 membership and launch fees for all seven scheduled launches in 2014. A $95 value.

Club memberships will cover from the date paid through December 31, 2014.     Children age 17 and under launch free.

Congratulation Ivan!

Our own Ivan Galysh was awarded the National Rocketry Association's 2013 Howard Galloway Award.

Ivan received this award for his "significant and prolonged outreach efforts to America's youth through the Team America Rocketry Challenge and the CANSAT programs".

More about Ivan from the Naval Research Laboratory.

We're proud of you Ivan!

TRA Safety Code Updates

The Tripoli Rocketry Association TRA has updated their High Power Safety Code and their Research Safety Code. As these codes are published, we will be making changes to how we organize and fly rockets. Please review these updated codes so everyone has a better understanding of the changes being made.

Please also review the Tripoli Safe Launch Practices. Part IV describes who has access to the high power pads during commercial and research launches. At Research launches, only adult members of Tripoli or the National Association of Rocketry or students of accredited educational institutions over the age of 18 will be allowed access to the high power pads.


The Culpeper weather number is 540-825-1490

For a three day forcast with wind speeds, wind directions, cloud base heights, etc. check Culpeper VA, Aviation Weather Report and Forcast

Saturn V on the pad

We use primarily "standard" 1010 rails.  There are several "extreme" 1515 rails and rods to 1/4 inch available, along with a trailer launcher with a unistrut rail for the big stuff.  Although our primary setup is for high power rockets, there are always smaller pads for low power rockets also.

BattlePark Schedule

Battle of the Rockets

Battle Park is proud to once again bring you our Battle of the Rockets (BotR).  The battle is held every spring at Battle Park.  Due to NASA budget cuts and the uncertainty of the USLI program, the Mars Rover contest is being expanded to include PDRs and CDRs. FOGI is expanding their involvement and will now include online registrations and payments.   The spring battle hosted by FOGE and Praxis is limited to registered high school and college teams.  The AIAA contest will be limited to AIAA supported teams.  These spring battles have more challenging events and test the ingenuity and skills of all the teams while promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).  Check out the website for all the 2014 rules and the results of the April 2013.

BotR on Google Maps

Zoom in on the latest satellite image of the BattlePark launch site in Google Maps to see the launch site during last April's Battle of the Rockets.  You can click on one of the launches in the BattlePark Schedule and then click map, or follow this link. Here!

Club Gear

Tripoli Central Virginia club wear and gear is now available.  You can get t-shirts, caps, mugs, ect.  They are available in various sizes and colors including childrens sizes.  Get your gear today and be ready for the next launch!.

Get your gear here!

On Site Vendors

We have several vendors that support launches at Battle Park.

Harry from The Dragon's Hoard in Staunton VA, and Ken from Performance Hobbies are regulars at Battle Park.

The newest vendor is Kevin Dunn from HOVAR. He has become the Wildman Virginia vendor. He attends most Battle Park launches and offers a discount if you pre-order from his shopping cart. You can also get special orders of anything in the Wildman catalog, just give Kevin a call.

Please contact these vendors to verify they will be at the launch you are attending and to make sure they will have what you need.

Further contact information is available through the Links page.

Site Location

For those of you that want to know the lat. long. of the launch site for your GPS, it is:

38 23 53.00N    78 3 54.00W

You can also cut and paste this into Google Maps.

Battle Park Flight Line

Everyone is welcome at Battle Park.  We will launch anything from 1/8A to O.  Kids always fly free.

Tom's Sparky K456 Dark Matter

We do fly sparkie motors!  We may restrict sparkies if the ground cover requires it, but usually, they're good to go!

We call our launch site "Battle Park" because it is located in the very center of where the civil war battle that became known as The Battle of Cedar Mountain occured.  Situated just below Cedar Mountain in the same large open fields that union troops once advancd through.  Where once cannon balls flew through the air, now our rockets light up the sky.  We launch once a month when the crops aren't in.  This means we launch from late October to early April.

Check the links page for more information on the Battle of Cedar Mountain.