Tripoli Central Virginia
Celebrating 30 Years   1989 - 2019

About the Tripoli Central Virginia Club and Battle Park launch site

Some History

Tripoli Central Virginia #25 (TCVA25) is of course a Tripoli Rocketry Association prefecture. As the low number, 25 would indicate, we have been in existence for quite some time. 2018 will be 29 years in fact.

In the early years there were not as many rocket clubs or launch sites as there are today. TCVA25 used a different site back then. We held one of the few high power launches on the east coast every spring. The attendance at these launches rivalled today's LDRS and other national events.

As more clubs and launch sites popped up all over the country, travelling to Culpeper VA to attend a high powered launch became less necessary for a lot of rocketeers in the eastern part of the US. By the early to mid 2000's, the site location had changed and attendance at the three day spring launches had dropped off significantly. The club was looking at lower membership, old equipment, fall to spring only launches due to crops at the launch site, and most significantly, an empty treasury.

In the late 2000's, the focus of the club was changed. Instead of only concentrating on providing a high powered launch site and facilities for Tripoli research and commercial launches, the club began to promote and support more low and mid powered youth activities and outreach. The growth of the Team America Rocket Challenge (TARC) started bringing more youth and families to the launches.

In 2008, Ivan Galysh organized and started the Battle of the Rockets (BotR). While TARC is geared toward youth 13 – 18 years old from Scouts, Schools, 4 – H, and other youth groups, the BotR was intended to be the next level up. It is a competition designed and geared for High School and College science and engineering students. Praxis Inc. became the primary sponsor while TCVA25 became the host of the BotR. There are now teams attending from colleges and universities as far away as Texas. In 2010 the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) added another contest to the Battle for their Young Professionals group. This is for the young working professionals in the organization and has been a great addition to the Battle of the Rockets.

In 2009 the Tripoli LDRS28 event was held on the east coast. This was very fortuitous for TCVA25, which was a co-host of LDRS28 in Potter NY. With the additional funds hosting these events brought in and donations from members, TCVA25 was able to update equipment. Ten 1010 rail launch pads were acquired along with wireless launch controllers, a trailer launcher, and additional 1515 launch pads to go along with the existing pads, sound system, large tent, tables and existing equipment.

The Battle of the Rockets competitions at BattlePark concluded in 2015. TCVA25 is proud have been part of inspiring young people at both the high school and college levels to excel in the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Please contact FOGE for information on schedule and location of future BotR contests.

The Battle of the Rockets competitions are back at BattlePark.

Launch and Club Fees as of 2019

In order to streamline the registration process, the membership fee structure is changing back to cover the flying season instead of calendar year. Club membership will go up to $50 and includes flight fees for the family.

We will be issuing a club badge with each membership, which should be worn when checking in at registration, and every time at the RSO. The badge will have the year on it, and at each launch there will be a different sticker.

Launch fees without the badge will be $10 per day, and if you lose your badge it will cost $10 to replace. Launch fees for teams and non-members are $10/day per person.

Please don't discard the badges, they are meant to be "permanent"! Only one badge comes with the family membership, but additional badges are available for $10.

Children under 18 still fly for free

TEAMS, including TARC, BOTR, SLI, ect. must pay for flights. If they are flying low power, they can pay $1 per flight, or the team can join for $25 and have unlimited flights. Teams flying high power must join for $25. Children flying free does not include teams.

Facilities and support equipment

The current ground support equipment and facilities the club can supply includes:

  • 10 Standard rail launch pads, 1010 type rails
  • 7 Extreme rail launch pads, 1515 type rails
  • One High power launch pad with 1/4 to 7/16 inch rods
  • 1 Trailer launch pad with a unistrut and 1515 rail
  • Low power launch pads (1/8 to 1/4 inch rods and two 1010 type rails)
  • A generator that can supply limited 120 VAC power
  • Porta Pottys are available at all events
  • On-site rocketry vendors* for motors and parts

* The vendors that attend Battle Park launches are independent of TCVA25. It is highly recommended that you contact the vendors directly to confirm their attendance at any specific launch event. It is also recommended that you order motors, parts, etc. before the event to insure they bring along the motors and parts that you want to the event. See the links page for the onsite vendors.

Radio Tracker Available

Tripol Central Virgina #25 has purchased a Walston Retrieval Systems TRX-16S receiver, antenna, and transmitters for club use.  Contact Jeff Boldig if you want to use the system for your launch.

Waiver and Field

The standard waiver at Battle Park is 16,000 feet Above Mean Sea Level. The site is 400 ft above sea level. Maximum altitude for research launches is 14,400 feet.

Any rockets with a planned apogee above 12,000 feet must be pre-approved by the club prefect at least two weeks before the launch date.

The Battle Park launch site is active crop land. That is why we are limited to launches between November and April. The land owner has been nothing short of fantastic in his dealings with us. We ask that everyone that attends our launches do everything they can to reciprocate this treatment. Please take care of the land and any existing crops as much as you can.